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Battlefield Heroes or, as many like to call it 'Heroes' or 'BFH' is a new step in the Battlefield franchise, it is mostly aimed at casual gamers or gamers who like funny, cartoony and not too serious game play. It is not made to replace previous Battlefield titles, like Battlefield 2.

In Heroes we have two factions fighting on the virtual battlefield against each other: The 'National Army' and the 'Royal Army'.

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BF Heroes Game Information



Both Factions are equal when it comes to balance. They might use different weapons, but these weapons match each other in strength, ammo, speed, etc.

So, for example: the heavy machine gun of the National Army does the same damage as the heavy machine gun of the Royal Army. The only way the factions differ, is in the way they look, so you will recognize them by their apparel, the way they walk and so on.

Just remember that if it has a red name above it, SHOOT IT!

You can easily recognize your friends by their names written in blue above their heads and the big blue cross when you aim at them.

The Classes:

There are three different classes in Heroes. We have the Gunner, the Soldier and the Commando. Every class has its special features, but they all have some things in common. They can all carry two weapons, and one explosive to use against vehicles or careless infantry. They all are able to use every single vehicle type and they all have special Abilities, but the Abilities are different for each class.

The level cap (highest level you can reach) at the moment is level 30. On the way up, you will earn Hero Points (see Hero Points section in this guide) and unlock new clothing for Valor Points and Battlefunds.

Currently you do not unlock new weapons.

The Gunner:

The Gunner is the heavy weapon guy, he has more health than the other classes and carries the BIG guns, like the anti-tank rockets and machine guns. Machine guns are most effective in close-range fights.

He might be the slowest of the different Heroes, but he has the most health, a ranged anti-tank weapon and generally packs a HUGE punch.

Their Abilities are:

Frenzy Fire – Your machine gun becomes more accurate over longer distance, so you become more efficient in medium or long range combat for a short time, every hit you get on your enemies also grants you a small amount of health.

Hero Shield - You can shield yourself up and absorb extra damage and allow you to grind away at your enemies. This ability can also be shared with nearby friendly units offering them a little extra protection.

Explosive Keg – With Explosive Keg you can throw an exploding barrel at the enemy to blow them away and slow them down.

Leg It – You and your mates around you will run faster for a short period of time. Great for closing the gap between you and your enemy.

I Eat Grenades – You will eat every explosive thrown at you by the enemy and heal yourself up with every eaten one, for a period of time.

The Soldier:

The Soldier is the all-rounder in Heroes; he can be played as a supporting class, but also can do a lot of damage to his enemies.

Their Abilities are:

Blasting Strike – You will push every enemy away sending them sky high, damaging them slightly in the process. Try to blast enemies into walls or buildings to do extra damage.

6th Sense – 6th sense will help you and your nearby team mates to see every enemy through buildings and walls, for a short period of time.

Burning Bullets – The bullets from your SMG start burning and do extra damage to the enemy. If you hit an open vehicle you will ignite all enemies riding in it. Be aware if two Soldiers shooting at one target with Burning Bullets: only the first Soldier who hits will light up the enemy, the burning damage of the second Burning Bullets does not stack with the first one.

Combat Medicine – With this you will heal yourself as well as team mates around you. The more team mates you heal, the more health you, yourself will receive. Additionally, you also gain points for healing team mates.

Grenade Spam – You spam multiple grenades at your enemy with one throw, but be aware that as soon as you switch to this Ability it will be activated and the cooldown start, as soon as you switch away from it, even if you didn't throw the grenades.

The Commando:

The Commando is considered by some to be the "sneaky" class in Heroes. He is not necessarily made for direct close-combat assault, instead he is a really good supporter from far away. nonetheless, if handled correctly, their knife can do quite some damage. He is the fastest of all the Heroes, but also has the least amount of health.

Their Abilities are:

Elixir- You will run faster for a short time, able to sprint away from enemies who are getting to close and it will deploy a weak shield that absorb a small amount of damage.

Mark Target – You can mark targets so your team can see its position through buildings and terrain, for a short period of time. At higher levels this ability can mark multiple enemies at once.

Stealth – You become invisible to the enemy until you shoot or they get too close at which point you will become partially visible. At higher levels the distance in which you become partially visible is reduced.

Poisoned Blade – You can put a lethal Poison on your knife's blade and do additional damage over time to the enemy you are attacking.

Troop Trap – You can put down an explosive trap for enemy troops. When they stray too close, Kaboom… surprise! this also infects the enemy with a deadly poison causing damage over time.

Piercing Shot – Give your sniper rifle a damage boost for a short period of time, Best served with head shots.

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Every class has their own unique Abilities; Abilities can be compared to skills in other games. It is a special effect which gives your Hero, or in some cases the whole team an advantage. You can upgrade your abilities with Hero Points in five different steps.

To upgrade an ability click on the little plus [+] button next to it. As soon as you learned a new ability you need to 'drag and drop' it into your equipment bar (the one with the weapons etc. in it), so you will able to select the new Ability in game by pressing the key assigned to the slot.

While using Abilities, keep in mind you will most likely cancel the current ability if you start a new one.

You can reset your Abilities at any time: simply click the 'refund' button in the upper right corner (the one with the two arrows) of your Abilities screen.


Widgets are special items that require replacement based on either time or player use. You can find them in the Store under the Widgets tab. In Heroes you can find the following widgets commonly used:


Heals your Hero for an amount of health, this widget will stop working when you take damage, enter a vehicle or use certain abilities. Bandages can also stop the damage over time effects of certain abilities.


With wrench you can repair the vehicle you are driving for a certain amount of hit points, the wrench will stop working when you leave the vehicle or the vehicle takes damage.


Terrific Tonics give your hero an instant boost of of health. Be warned though... tonics are not so cheap so use them wisely.

XP Boost:

After you buy it, you do not need to equip this. You get bonus experience, as long as this widget is active.

VP Boost:

After you buy it, you do not need to equip this. You get bonus VP, as long as this widget is active.

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