Grand Theft Auto V / Online

Grand Theft Auto V / Online

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10

Supported Game Platforms:

  • Rockstar
  • Steam

GTA V Cheat Features


-No Recoil
-No Spread
-1 Shot Kill
-Instant Hit
-Explosive Melee
-Explosive Bullets
-Fire Bullets
-Instant Reload
-Adjust the mass of the bullets(Makes Cars fling across the map)
-Adjust the amount of bullets per shell


-Name ESP
-Distance ESP
-Box ESP
-Health ESP
-Snapline ESP
-Weapon ESP
-Vehicle ESP
-NPC Health ESP
-NPC Distance ESP
-Adjust View Distance for player ESP
-Adjust View Distance for NPC ESP
-Adjust View Distance for Vehicle ESP


-Player Warning
-Unlimited Ammo
-God Mode
-Vehicle God Mode
-Super Jump
-Speed Hack
-Modifyable Speed
-Nuke NPCs
-Adjustable nuke Distance
-Increase Wanted Level
-Decrease Wanted Level
-Remove Wanted Level
-Thermal Vision
-Zero to Hero Script
-Max Stats
-Unlock all Clothes
-Teleport to players
-Big list of teleport locations
-2K NPC Death Money Drops


-Vehicle Bullet Proof Tires
-Vehicle Xenon Lights
-Max Vehicle Tint
-Vehicle Neon Lights
-Max Vehicle Brakes
-Vehicle Gravity Mod
-Remove Mental State

Grand Theft Auto V Hacks – Godmode, ESP

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world action game created by Rockstar North. One of the most popular console titles ever and one of the most anticipated PC titles, the hype for GTA 5 is endless.  Now that Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are online, AimJunkies is here to offer the craziest and deadliest cheat around!

Offering some of the best features around, like godmode, infinite ammo, fly hacks, vehicle mod hacks, and much much more, AimJunkies is unbeatable when it comes to Grand Theft Auto V hacks and cheats.

Gone are the days of being blind sided by a wannabe gangster, rolling out in his pimped out ride, gunning you down relentlessly without you being able to do anything about it. With our cheat, be prepared to troll every player in your lobby and be the most dominant player.

Take advantage with our ESP – See who’s coming at you, see accurately how far away they are from you, and ambush to your hearts content! ESP options are available to use on NPC’s as well as other online players.

Improve your aim with our no recoil option, mix it up with both no recoil and no spread, and you’ll be popping kills left and right. Things getting a bit hectic? Turn on your 1 shot kill. Flatten the enemy. Spice it up with damage modifiers, punch someone with explosive effects, turn your bullets into bombs and have an instant reload for extra convenience. For some trolling action, adjust the mass of each bullet you fire, hurling cars across the maps as you shoot them.

Take more advantage by enabling the ever present crosshair, giving you maximum efficiency at all times. Be warned as players are approaching, turn on the god mode and be invincible against their barrage of bullets. Become a super hero and turn on super jump to get away with ease, just be sure to turn on god mode! You might die on landing otherwise. Become invisible and beat up annoying players; remove ragdoll effects so you don’t go hurling when you get run over, or hit by explosive device.

If you’re not the game grinding type, but still want to check out GTA V’s vehicles at their ultimate performance, turn on the max vehicle script, to max out your stats.

If you’re in a stealth mission, remove your player noise with the ‘remove player noise’ option – is the perfect option for stealth type heists. Mix it up with speed hacks, and be a speedy silent ninja! Become a plague by nuking all npc’s within a perimeter that you set and get away with it by setting the wanted level that YOU want!

Be sure to check out all the features on the left of this page.

Rest assured, AimJunkies have the oldest, longest running and constantly updating GTA V Cheats. Become a VIP today!