Banana Shooter

Banana Shooter

Banana Shooter Cheats

PLATFORM: Windows 10

$14.95 – 1 Month

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Cheat Features

-Aim At players
-Aim Key Selection
-Aim Bone Selection
-Aim Smoothness Slider
-Aim Fov Slider
-Draw Target
-Draw Fov Circle

-Unlimited Ammo
-No Spread
-No Recoil
-No Bob
-Rapid Fire
-No Reload
-Instant Kill
-Custom Crosshair Selection


-Name Esp
-Box Esp
-Health Esp
-Snapline Esp
-Friendly Esp


Hack Information

Released: June, 2023

Game Information

Developer: CodingDaniel

Publisher: CodingDaniel

Engine: Unity


In this game, you are not a banana, you are Dave, because you like to eat bananas, so the banana is taken away, the only way to get it is to kill other Dave. When you have the highest kill count, you will will get bananas. The whole game is a multiplayer battle type, you can configure your own gun or knife to fight against others. There are multiple maps in the game, you can get coins by killing enemies to upgrade, you can upgrade the movement speed, The upper limit of blood volume, but if you are accidentally killed, all upgrades will be cleared, which is a bit similar to roguelike, but it is a multiplayer battle type. And the map has a very hot back room recently, and my favorite strange core, which will definitely make your eyes shine.