Overdose Premium Package

Overdose Premium Package

Included Cheats

AimJunkies Overdose Premium Package

Are you ready to step it up?  In the biggest and best package available with the most perks, the AimJunkies Overdose Premium Package is for the users that want the best from AimJunkies.  With exclusive perks and features, as well as all of the mods and cheats available, this is the best overall package.

Exclusive Overdose Premium Features:

  • Premium Support
  • Private Forum
  • Custom Avatar, Signature, Rank Image and Color
  • Unlimited PC use with YubiKey Loader Support*

YubiKey Loader Support

What is a YubiKey?  A YubiKey is a one-time passcode (OTP) generator.  It is a physical USB device that allows you to use the AimJunkies loader on any Windows computer (one at any given time) as long as you have your YubiKey with you.

*A YubiKey must be purchased separately from Yubico.

Note: Some cheats may be disabled from this without notice for any issue that may cause the cheat not to be safe.

**Note: FIFA is NOT included.

**Note: If a cheat is “unreleased” it is not included.

**Note: BattlEye Cheats are not included.**

**Note: Most games with EAC are not included.**

Note: USB Storage device required for the following cheats: Counter Strike Global Offensive, Crossout, Last Man Standing, Squad, The Culling, Dead By Daylight, Paladins, Left 4 Dead 2, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Conan Exiles and Deceit.
Note: Some cheats may be discontinued or no longer available (may still show in list); Check by clicking on the cheat name on the left before purchasing!