Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Cheats

PLATFORM: 7, 8.1, 10

$14.95 – 1 Month

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Hack Features

-Aim at NPC Enemies
-Custom Bone Selection
-Custom Aim Key
-Aim Fov Slider
-Aim Fov Circle

-Player Name Esp
-Player Distance Esp
-Player Bone Esp
-Player Snapline Esp
-Player Health Esp

-NPC Name Esp
-NPC Distance Esp
-NPC Bone Esp
-NpC Snapline Esp
-NPC Health Esp

-Item Name Esp
-Item Distance Esp
-Item Level Esp
-Item Power Esp

-Crystal Esp

-Esp View Distance Slider

-Custom Crosshair Selection
-God Mode (Host Only)
-Attack Speed Modifier (Host Only)
-Unimited Armor (Host Only)
-Speed Hack (Host Only)
-One Hit Kill (Host Only)
-Fly Hack (Host Only)
-NoClip (Host Only)
-Enemy Opk (Host Only)
-Kill All Enemies (Host Only)
-Loot Vacuum (Host Only)
-Set Character Max Level
-Infinite Crystal Health (Host Only)

-Enemy Visible Color Sliders
-Enemy Hidden Color Sliders

-Show Enemies
-Show Friendlies
-Remove Radar Background
-Custom Radar Position



Hack Information

Released: February 21st, 2020

Game Information

Developer: Chromatic Games

Publisher: Chromatic Games

Engine: Unreal 4


The past has been changed! Choose your hero and construct an epic defense to fight off hordes of enemies while you jump into the fray to protect Etheria. Team up with up to four players as you level up, claim legendary loot, and take on the armies of enemies that await you!

Protect The Crystal

Master the Squire, Huntress, Apprentice, and Monk to fight off any enemy that approaches. Build and utilize their arsenal of blockades, towers, traps, and auras to keep the Eternia Crystals safe. The only requirement is to win, but it’s up to you to choose how!

Party Up

Defending Etheria is better with friends! Bring three of your friends to jump into the fray with you. You can play online, local LAN, or offline 4 player splitscreen. The choice is yours!

Make It Rain Loot

Gain a plethora of loot while fighting off waves of foes that approach! Swords, crossbows, staves, polearms, axes, grenade launchers, beam saber, and so much more are yours for the taking.

Customize Customize Customize

Everything about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is chosen by you. The gear you use, the way your hero looks, where you build your defenses, which defenses you build — you are the master of your destiny in Etheria!