Eternal Return: Black Survival

Eternal Return: Black Survival

Eternal Return: Black Survival Cheats

PLATFORM: Windows 10

$9.95 – 1 Month

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Cheat Features

– Players
– Names
– Distance
– Health
– 3D Boxes
– Snaplines
– Monsters
– Resources
– Containers
– Airdrops

– Custom Crosshair Color
– Custom Player Color
– Custom Player Box Color
– Custom Monster Color
– Custom Monster Box Color
– Custom Resource Color
– Custom Container Color
– Custom Airdrop Color

– Dot Size
– Zoom
– Animals
– Players
– Monsters
– Resources
– Containers
– Airdrops

– Panic Key
– Menu Key
– Zoom In
– Zoom Out

– Crosshair Gap
– Crosshair Size
– Crosshair Thickness


Hack Information

Released: November, 2020

Game Information

Developer: Nimble Neuron

Publisher: Nimble Neuron

Engine: Unity


Craft. Fight. Survive

Taking place on the deserted Lumia Island, the shady organization known as AGLAIA is conducting experiments on living human beings in search to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans. Craft tons of different weapons and armor, fight up to 17 other players solo or with friends, and survive to be the last one standing.
Set in the same universe as the original Black Survival, Eternal Return brings the well known characters of Lumia Island to a new, exciting, Battle Royale/MOBA/Survival mix game.



Strategic Survival Gameplay

Search for materials, craft equipment or food, hunt wild animals, set traps, track your enemies, shoot your enemies from afar or get up in their face, devise a strategy to take the victory, and survive until the end.

Team Modes

Go lone wolf and try to take out every other test subject by yourself or squad up as a duo or trio with friends and discover different synergies and strategies as a team.

Tons of items

Swords, guns, canned cod liver, shurikens, and more. Each character has access to different weapons, armor, food, and traps, each with unique effects, buffs, and advantages. Think you’ve strategized a strong build? Save it and use it in your games with the Saved Plans feature!

Advanced in-game elements

Once you get the basics down, it’s time to get advanced. Teleport across the map with the Hyperloop, take down the boss, Wickeline, craft legendary items with the Tree of Life, or share food with your friends. There are a lot of areas that allow you to take your game to the next level.

Custom Games

Feel like hosting a game with your friends? Maybe join or host a tournament with your local Esports club? Custom games are there for you! Invite as many, or as few, friends as you’d like and get started.