Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers Cheats

PLATFORM: Windows 10

$12.95 – 1 Month

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Cheat Features

-Ghost Name Esp
-Ghost Age Esp
-Ghost Mood Esp
-Ghost Visibility Esp
-Show Ghost info

-Invincible player
-Force Show Ghost



Hack Information

Released: August, 2022

Game Information

Developer: Renderise

Publisher: Renderise

Engine: Unity


Many abandoned houses are full of ghosts. These can be the souls of suicides or demons. It could be the spirit of a vampire, slowly sucking the blood from everyone who comes near


  • 8 types of unique ghosts – the souls of people and strange creatures, as well as several types of demons!
  • More than 20 types of detailed tools for collecting evidence and fighting ghosts!
  • You can tell the type of ghost, its age and mood
  • You can not only study ghosts, but also catch them!


You will have to explore the ghost, and then catch it! In this hunt everything is important: look for evidence, find out the age of the ghost, feel what kind of mood it is in