Glory to the Heroes

Glory to the Heroes

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PLATFORM: Windows 10

$TBA – 1 Month

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Glory to the Heroes

Glory to the Heroes

Glory to the Heroes


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Released: Unreleased

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Developer: Spacedev Games

Publisher: Spacedev Games

Engine: Unreal 5


Glory to the Heroes is a military, tactical first-person shooter with an immersive campaign and massive multiplayer full-scale battles involving many kinds of different military units and vehicles, where the action happens in the real-world locations of actual battles. Inspired by many real stories of the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Some of described features & mechanics currently in development and could be changed


Immersive Story Campaign. In the story campaign you will find “war stories” – episodes about specific people, each of whom has his own unique skills and who’s been participating in specific historical events of the war. While the war continues, these stories are personal ones. They are about people, not battles.

Extensive action in multiplayer. Split into multiple squads of eight each, with a commander overseeing the battle. Payers must choose tactics alongside other squads while battling invader strongholds on large open maps to succeed in the brutal and heroic scale of the Ukrainian front. Tactics and squad cooperation are the only way to defeat occupational forces.

Choose your class and faction. Fight as Ukrainian defenders or foreign volunteers. Each formation has its own gear and vehicles, offering a variety of experiences to choose from. Serve as a gunner, medic, anti-tank, sniper, artillery gunner, or any other unit with your own gear.

Cinematic point of view. A vast, beautifully designed real-world location providing a rich gaming environment with locations that highlight both strategic and tactical tasks, as well as a high level of immersion.

Character customization & Weapon tuning allows you to make your multiplayer character look as you wish with different patches, clothes, armor, and more. Tune your weapons with many available scopes, grips, and suppressors to create your perfect build.

Mechanized Warfare. Conquer & protect grounds with a variety of ground and air vehicles used in the war – starting from T-64 “Bulat” to lend-lease HIMARS and good-old BM-21 “Grad”.

Weapons and equipment variety let you pick your favorite from over 60 different rifles, pistols, machine guns, SMGs, AA & AT guns, and much more.

The game features actual real-world military regiments and forming, each related to a specific game map or events of the story campaign. What if you didn’t find your favorite division or group in the game? Not a problem – create your own and invite your friends! Customize your company as you want with your patches & flags and go for a hunt.

Visual representation. Glory to the Heroes includes violence and gore as expected from a military war game based on historical events.