Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5


Modern Combat 5 Hacks/Cheats

PLATFORM: Windows 10

$10.95 – 1 Month

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Hack Features

– Players
– Names
– Distance
– Health
– Skeletons
– 2D Boxes
– Distance

– Bone
– Aim at players
– Show FOV

– Custom Crosshair Color
– Custom Player Color
– Custom Box Color
– Custom FOV Color
– Custom Skeleton Color

– Panic Key
– Menu Key
– Aim Key

– Players
– Dot Size
– Zoom

– Crosshair Gap
– Crosshair Size


Hack Information

Released: November 21, 2018

Game Information

Developer: Gameloft

Publisher: Gameloft

Engine: In House


The basic war in Modern Combat 5: Blackout is similar to the four previous games in the series. The player can shoot, crouch, sprint, throw grenades, aim, reload their weapons, leap to obstacles, knife enemies, change/pick up weapons, and use abilities supported by the equipped class. A new key feature to Modern Combat 5 is the ability to pick a soldier and fix classes ranging from assault, heavy, sniper, recon, support, bounty hunter, sapper, X-1 Morph, and the Kommander (each of which has its own different perks and weapons), although a player’s class does not prevent the player from picking up different classes’ weapons in-game excepting the Kommander class (For example, a sniper class player can still pick up assault rifles).The campaign focuses on Phoenix (a minor character in Modern Combat 4) trying to hunt down Saunders (a supporting character in Modern Combat 4). Each mission is about 5 minutes long, noticeably shorter than previous entries in the series. As you play in a certain class and acquire a “weapon score”, you unlock new guns and attachments to use in both the campaign and multiplayer. Modern Combat 5 is the first Modern Combat game in the series to use DRM and requires a constant internet connection to play (an internet connection is required for the campaign as well as multiplayer).