United 1944

United 1944

United 1944 Cheats

PLATFORM: Windows 10

$TBA – 1 Month

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Cheat Features

-Aim At Players
-Aim Fov Selection
-Aim Key Selection
-Bone Selection
-Draw Fov Circle
-Draw Traget

-Remove Spread
-Remove Recoil

2D Radar
-Show Enemies
-Custom size / position options
-Option to remove background


-Name Esp
-Box Esp
-Weapon Esp
-Bone Esp
-Snapline Esp
-Health Esp
-Item Esp (Coming soon)


Hack Information

Released: May, 2023

Game Information

Developer: Novarama

Publisher: Novarama

Engine: Unreal


At the height of World War 2, soldiers, resistance members and civilians stand together on the frontlines. Winning these battles will take more than just shooting skills; UNITED: 1944 brings players of all playstyles together through an unprecedented combination of a solid shooter core with scavenging, crafting, building and team strategy to deliver an immersive war experience focused on 16v16 base domination.

Scavenge, Craft and Defend

A city in ruins is waiting for you, full of places to explore. Infiltrate this no man’s land to find resources you can use to craft weapons and gear that will turn the tide of battle. Use and modify the environment to your advantage. With the resources you gathered, build defensive walls, set mines and block streets with barricades to stop the enemy advance. Secure key buildings as advanced outposts to gain territorial advantage. Understand offensive and defensive lanes & discover key lines of sight.

Win together, die alone

In combat, we only have each other. Each faction comprises 16 players, divided in squads. Communicate with your squadmates and sync up with the rest to coordinate battlefield strategies. Win by fortifying & defending your bases and then conquering those owned by the opposing forces. Teamwork is the backbone of a successful battle.

Your own war story

In UNITED: 1944, you evolve your playstyle to the needs of your team and battle circumstances. Coordinate with your teammates to define what you can do to give the best advantage; become a spy at night. Or a sniper from the rooftops. Set improvised explosive traps and craft medicines to revive fallen teammates. Switch up your roles and weapon load-outs mid-battle, if needed, by acquiring and combining various skills.

It’s kill or be killed

In urban combat, a simple mistake can send you to the grave. UNITED 1944 brings you the intensity of close quarters combat with a solid shooting experience. Craft a wide variety of weapons, from improvised rifles and makeshift shotguns to classics such as M1 Garand, MP40, Kar98k and many more that brings to life the true feeling of World War 2. Use the entirety of the war torn maps to gain a strategic advantage by skillfully traversing rooftops and tunnels while cleverly taking advantage of the day and night cycles to gain the upper hand.

Key features:


  • 16 vs 16 urban warfare set in World War 2
  • 2 large maps as battlefields with advanced outposts to conquer, with more coming soon
  • 2 game modes: Last Stand and HQ Assault, more coming soon
  • Boot camp and shooting range to hone your skills
  • Rich, dense cities, where every building is traversable and offers unique lines of sight and combat advantages
  • Team hierarchy with squad leads and squad comms
  • In session skill tree with +40 skills to choose mid-battle
  • 16 iconic weapons from World War 2, with more coming soon
  • Solid weapon model: damage falloff, ballistics projectiles, recoil & spread
  • Weapon audio recorded live from original World War 2 weapons
  • Full communications system: ping, VoIP (proximity, squad), Text chat
  • Free-form building of walls, doors, barricades, platforms to fortify positions
  • Scavenging, crafting and inventory management via backpacks and chests
  • Dynamic day-night cycles
  • Use intel gadgets to reveal the enemy strategy
  • Collaboration mechanics: revive team mates, shared resource depots, cooperative building
  • Permanent progression: unlock additional cosmetic gear as your player levels up