Star Wars Battlefront 2 Released

The AimJunkies Star Wars Battlefront 2 cheat is now available.

Get the leading edge in Star Wars with our aimbot, visuals, and more to battle against the legendary heroes in this game. Compete against even that pesky wookie, Chewbacca, as a regular infantry man with our aimbot and be able to see where ever he is.

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– Aim at enemies
– Custom Fov Slider
– Custom Aim Points
– Custom Aim Speed
– Aimbot Prediction
– Custom Aim KeyVisuals:
– Name ESP
– Distance ESP
– Box ESP
– Weapon ESP
– Snapline ESP
– Vehicle ESP
– Vehicle Distance ESP
– Vehicle Health ESPMisc:
– Custom Local Healh HUD
– Custom Crosshair

2D Radar:
– Show Players
– Show Friends
– Show Vehicles
– Remove Background

– Save Settings
– Load Settings
– Custom Aim key