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Our Battlefield Hardline Aimbot and Cheat Available!

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H1Z1 cheat is now available!
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What we do

We create what we call ‘unique cheats’. This means we build integrated cheats for many games, with a consistent user experience between each cheat.

Use  Aimjunkies hacks to own your favorite gaming severs and work your way up the ranks fast. Always quality hacks, superior support and value for your money. We only sell undetected hacks and cheats at! Your full service hack provider. Now you don’t have to use our hacks and aimbot in rage mode, But isn’t it nice to know you can. AimJunkies is dedicated to supplying quality hacks and cheats with superior service at a fair price!

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Free And Pay to Play Cheats

AimJunkies has cheats for a wide variety of Hacks and Cheats with Aimbot for PC Video Games.


Platforms: Supported by AimJunkies-PC ONLY!


Battlefield Series Cheats

AimJunkies has a wide variety of Battlefield Hacks and Cheats with Aimbot for the famous EA Battlefield Series. Including their newest release Battlefield Hardline.

Our Battlefield Hardline/Battlefield 4 cheats have amazing aimbots and features that will surely rank you up faster than most hacks. AJ has coded an outstanding aimbot for the Battlefield 3 cheat that is always a one shot kill. The Battlefield Bad Company 2 cheat is one of the best BFBC2 cheats on the market and dominates servers. Aimjunkies never charges extra for expansion packs like Vietnam, like some sites do.

Aimjunkies Battlefield Play for Free cheat, Battlefield Heroes cheat, Battlefield 2142 cheat, and BF2 cheat all are easy to use and full of features. These are still undetected hacks and cheats at! Your Battlefield hack provider.

Platforms: Supported by AimJunkies-PC ONLY!


Other Game Cheats

AimJunkies has cheats for many of the popular free to play games and the not so popular ones also. Below is the list of some of our free to play game cheats.

AJ Team Fortress 2 cheats and Counterstrike Global Offensive Cheats, are very popular and deadly.

AimJunkies offers incredible cheats for the DAYZ game, both engine based and script based versions.

Our APB hack was the first mega popular free 3rd person shooter game. If you still play this outstanding game, you don’t want to be caught dead without our hack!

Platforms: Supported by AimJunkies-PC ONLY!


Upcoming Game Releases

BF Hardline


Phoenix Digital Group is Hiring!

There are sections in the forum for many different staff positions, Forum Mods, Tech Mods, Video Team, SEO Team and even Coders. It’s our community and staff that makes us the best cheat site in the world. You can also contact a Super Mod or Admin onsite with a PM If you have a skill that is not listed and you think you want to be part of our team.

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